How to route OpenVPN over Shadowsocks (Windows, Mac, Android)


1. Installed Shadowsocks client

2. Installed OpenVPN client

3. VPN provider supports Shadowsocks manual configuration

4. VPN provider supports OpenVPN manual configuration

For Windows (OpenVPN TCP):

1. Insert SS link to the client:

2. Insert OpenVPN(TCP) profile:

3. Go to options:

4. Select proxy

5. Change proxy as

6. Connect OpenVPN:

You should see this in the status bar:

For Mac (OpenVPN UDP/TCP):

1. Insert SS link to the client:

2. Go to Preferences:

3. Select Advanced:

4. Enable UDP relay and Verbose mode:

5. Insert OpenVPN profile (Shimo, Tunnelblick):

For Shimo:

1. Right click and select Shimo:

2. Go to Preferences:

3. Select the desired OpenVPN profile and click Edit:

4. Select Advanced:

5. Go to Network Traffic Control and add routes as [Shadowsocks IP]/32:

4.Go to Expert and add Parameter Key:

5. Click connect:

For Android:

1. Select the server by clicking it:

2. Go to Settings: 

3. Disable TCP Fast Open and expand advanced settings:

4. Change to transparent proxy:

5. Turn on Shadowsocks:

6. Insert OpenVPN profile and click edit:

7. Select Server List:

8. Add proxy as

9. Select route and add route as [Shadowsocks IP]/32:

10. Click connect:


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Found out routing OpenVPN TCP over Shadowsocks in Android is a lot faster than UDP

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Thanks for your hard work. Thank you very much for sharing

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用ss   ip没几分钟就被封怎么办