A Tip for SurfShark Users !

For us SurfShark users who've been told to connect manually with OpenVPN locations, we may always find some of those configs are no longer working. Personally I don't have much of patience to test the connectivity file by file. Just now my iPhone is connected to 🇺🇸 Las Vegas through their publicly released app, and note that we've never been given a Las Vegas OpenVPN config, right? So what does that mean?

Actually, SurfShark is working well on iOS, least mine does. Here comes a question, what's the difference between SurfShark app and OpenVPN Connect app? The answer is, in terms of openvpn connection, there is basically no difference. Thus, I can obtain connectible IPs through successful SurfShark app connections using the openvpn (UDP) protocol, and I did it.

From my perspective, connecting using SurfShark app is a continuous trying process, the sooner it finds a working address the sooner will it be connected, so that can be a time-consuming process but it will return you a workable IP. In contrast, connecting using OpenVPN app is a targeted action, it will save you time. Anyway, you won't need to reach their live agents for updated configs.

Note: SurfShark's live agent admitted abnormal connectivity in Asia, I've given up 🇭🇰 temporarily.


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Thx for sharing the insights boss! 

btw here's how well my Surfshark performs today(via UDP protocol on pc )..