VyprVPN will implement the new WireGuard Protcol | VyprVPN将实施新的WireGuard协议

Currently on the newest version of the Vyprvpn, The Connectivity issue has been resolved , but it came with an odd speed dropping issue, When connected to any servers right away the speed was good but as soon as you started to download anything the speed will drop gradually to a point of almost non-existent. The worst part being that the speed dropping issue has been occurring for over 2 months.

So, the VyprVPN is still unusable in China for the time being. but there will be a new version releasing in the near future to resolve the speed dropping issue as described in this thread.

But not only that, Currently VyprVPN will be adding a new protocol called WireGuard on PC and Android in the next year according to an insider within the company.

目前,在最新版本的Vyprvpn上,连通性问题已得到解决,但是它带来了奇怪的速度下降问题,当立即连接到任何服务器时,速度是不错的,但是一旦您开始下载任何内容,速度就会下降逐渐到几乎不存在的地步最糟糕的部分是速度下降问题已经发生了两个多月。 因此,VyprVPN目前在中国仍无法使用。但不久后将发布新版本,以解决该帖子中描述的速度下降问题。 但不仅如此,据该公司内部人士称,目前VyprVPN将于明年在PC和Android上添加一个名为WireGuard的新协议。


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They should continue customizing their own protocol based on openvpn, generally speaking, it is not hard to block wireguard protocol

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