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I don't usually do these Shadowsocks provider reviews, but since tons people are talking about it recently. It's kinda like the new trend in town now. So I decided to actually look into this provider a bit.

But first, a little bit history on my experiences with shadowsocks. I used have a VPS that I configured to be a Shadowsocks server. The configuration process was straightforward. It's pretty simple to set up one yourself, but the speed isn't really good. Sometimes I got speed like 50Mbps sometimes I got like a 56K dial internet. Also there are tons connection and encryption methods. It's incredibly customizable. But in the end, I just switched to a VPN. It's pretty much a pain to maintain one yourself. Mainly because GFW constantly blocks the IP address and you gotta talk to the VPS provider to get a new IP. It was such a pain.

But why not just switch to a Shadowsocks providers aka "airplane field" ? Well simple, majority of these providers do not have a zero-logs policy and foist tons weird-ass restrictions upon the users which I'm not a big fan of.

Anyway that's pretty much my personal experience. Now, let's move on.

So first thing first. What's price of this service?

Well, it ain't cheap I'll give you that.
All of the plans provide 1000Mbps speed (500Mbps for Border Gate Protocol), Overall the speed they claimed here is pretty nice. Note: 1000Mbps is around 125MB/s and 500Mbps is around 62.5MB/s.

Also, you can access Netflix, TVB streaming services.
But there's no mention of Torrenting, I'll assume that torrenting is prohibited.

But, here comes a huge drawback. For 459 bucks/year, you only get 200 gigs bandwidth/month. That's pretty terrible tbh. ExpressVPN only cost like 100 bucks/ year and you get infinite bandwidth plus unlimited speed not to mention the ability to torrent and a way better privacy protection policy. I understand this service is from a small provider, and I can't really compare it an industry giant. But the price is just ridiculous. Also there's no monthly subscription or any 30 days refund guarantee, in fact there is no refund policy, you can't refund the product period.

also they provide a comparison themselves which is pretty neat.

That's a huge dumper to be exactly frank. But, let's move on.
Since the service is pretty expensive there. how many locations you get then?

They claim that they rent from "7 big Global Data Center" and there are "91 Landing Nodes"

I legit have no ideas what that means tbh. But "91 Landing Nodes" I assume you get like 91 locations???
But there are only 11 countries available, OOF 459 bucks for only 11 countries. If that ain't a bruh moment I dunno what it is.

So yeah... You don't exactly get what you paid for....
Let's move on once again to the term of service page

The first thing you see is a "purchase instruction" lol.... what?

Anyway. there are also a lot of weird restrictions on bandwidth usage.

for enterprise customized services, all other package services are
prohibited from occupying the full bandwidth for a long time.
the bandwidth is full of 100Mbps for 30 minutes, or the traffic exceeds
50GB within 1 hour, it is considered to be an abnormal behavior of full
This restriction means that you can't download stuffs 10MB/S for 30 minutes and you can't exceed 50gigs within an hour. Tbh this is dreadful. Why??? this means that you pretty much can't download anything big and you can't watch any 4k videos etc.

Also there's a detection system? I understand that, this is just a small providers but this restriction is too strict.
And If you do break the rules. then " it will suspend its service for at least 72 hours. During the
suspension period, if the user responds to an appeal according to the
system service order, it will be unblocked within 72 hours after the
review is passed.
If you do not respond to the appealed service order, the service will remain suspended.
You get suspended for 72 hours???? and you have to respond to the appeal, and If you don't the service suspended???? WTF?? that's terrible.

Force Majeure, big word there ehh.
So first. " This
service does not promise to be able to watch high-definition videos
such as YouTube at any time. The speed of the same account varies
greatly in different provinces and different operators.
Idk why they specifically said that the service does not promise to be able to watch high-definition Youtube videos instead of just saying the speed may varies depends the variables that are out of our control. But, hey it's your business.

"purchase, refunds cannot be requested due to non-account usage problems such as slow speed and unsmooth usage."
refund cannot be requested due to issues such as slow speed, "unsmooth usage".
well which means if the service is defective, you can't refund it. gotta ya.

Also " If
we receive notifications from bandwidth providers and relevant
regulatory agencies—including but not limited to participating in
illegal operations, remarks in violation of the law (including social
media messages), participating in piracy (including BT/PT downloads),
sending spam, etc., we have The right to stop the service at any time
without refund.

AKA we know exactly what you're doing and we can cancel your service without any refund... this freaking sucks, man.

Also it specifically said Torrenting and Piracy is not allowed. Moreover, "social media messages" So you even know what messages I was typing and sending out? Is this a spyware????

Customer support

"This website does not provide customer service on any social channels."
"The working hours of the customer service of this site are calculated based on UTC -5 Eastern Time."
No livechat, email only, and we only reply to you on UTC-5 working hours.
Well... what else can I expect at this point huh?

So overall, I wouldn't recommend this service AT ALL. An incredibly pricey service for incredibly lackluster performance. Stay the heck away form this.







所有计划都提供1000Mbps的速度(边界门协议为500Mbps),总体而言,他们在这里声称的速度非常好。注意:1000Mbps约为125MB / s,500Mbps约为62.5MB / s。


但是,这是一个巨大的缺点。每年459美元,您每月只能获得200gigs带宽。这真是太糟糕了。 ExpressVPN的价格仅为每年100美元,您将获得无限的带宽和无限的速度,更不用说洪流功能和更好的隐私保护策略了。我了解这项服务是从一家小型提供商那里获得的,我无法真正将其比作行业巨头。但是价格太荒谬了。另外,没有月度订阅或任何30天退款保证,实际上没有退款政策,您无法退款产品。



他们声称是从“ 7个大型全球数据中心”租用的,并且有“ 91个着陆节点”

我合法地不知道这意味着什么。但是“ 91登陆节点”我想您会得到91个位置???




另外,“如果我们收到带宽提供商和相关监管机构的通知,包括但不限于参与非法操作,违反法律的言论(包括社交媒体消息),参与盗版(包括BT / PT下载),发送垃圾邮件等等,我们有权随时停止服务且不退款。”




“此站点的客户服务工作时间是根据UTC -5美国东部时间计算的。”


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