How to route OpenVPN over Shadowsocks (Windows, Mac, Android)

  • Prerequisites:

    1. Installed Shadowsocks client

    2. Installed OpenVPN client

    3. VPN provider supports Shadowsocks manual configuration

    4. VPN provider supports OpenVPN manual configuration

    For Windows (OpenVPN TCP):

    1. Insert SS link to the client:

    2. Insert OpenVPN(TCP) profile:

    3. Go to options:

    4. Select proxy

    5. Change proxy as

    6. Connect OpenVPN:

    You should see this in the status bar:

    For Mac (OpenVPN UDP/TCP):

    1. Insert SS link to the client:

    2. Go to Preferences:

    3. Select Advanced:

    4. Enable UDP relay and Verbose mode:

    5. Insert OpenVPN profile (Shimo, Tunnelblick):

    For Shimo:

    1. Right click and select Shimo:

    2. Go to Preferences:

    3. Select the desired OpenVPN profile and click Edit:

    4. Select Advanced:

    5. Go to Network Traffic Control and add routes as [Shadowsocks IP]/32:

    4.Go to Expert and add Parameter Key:

    5. Click connect:

    For Android:

    1. Select the server by clicking it:

    2. Go to Settings:

    3. Disable TCP Fast Open and expand advanced settings:

    4. Change to transparent proxy:

    5. Turn on Shadowsocks:

    6. Insert OpenVPN profile and click edit:

    7. Select Server List:

    8. Add proxy as

    9. Select route and add route as [Shadowsocks IP]/32:

    10. Click connect:

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